Nine Eagles sub-micro RC helicopter models for any skill level that both beginner and expert flyer will enjoy.

Nine Eagles Bravo SX:

Nine Eagles Bravo SX Nine Eagles Bravo
The Nine Eagles Bravo SX - based on the ever popular Hughes 500D this RC helicopter comes in four different colour designs. A very capable little helicopter - loads of fun whatever your skill level.

Nine Eagles Combat Twister:

Nine Eagles Combat Twister Combat Twister
New Nine Eagles Combat Twister. Get ready to fly - and fight! Sub-micro air-to-air combat in your own living room or office with these infrared blasting RC helicopters. See who can stay airborne longest as you endeavour to outmanoeuvre you opponents. Take aim and shoot your adversary out of the sky for the ultimate flying buzz!

Nine Eagles Solo Pro:

Nine Eagles Solo Pro Nine Eagles Solo Pro 2
The Solo Pro is a great intro to RC helicopter flying for anyone who wants to get into this exciting hobby. It has a simplified construction combined with a light weight that makes it very resistant to crash damage. It is also mechanically simple makes it ideal for beginners. The Nine Eagles Solo Pro helicopter is a full 4-channel helicopter which means it can be controlled in all directions - unlike more basic 2 and 3 channel (toy) helicopters - making it a perfect learning tool if you plan to go on to fly larger RC helicopters. It's 20cm length means it can be flown just about anywhere!

Solo Pro Specifications:

Solo Pro Features:

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